Large scale vessel reparations and refittings

Outdoor works

We develop activities in the client’s own facilities, moving our personnel and resources.

We know that the delivery time is a crucial factor, so Vicalsa has a highly specialized staff with experience in team management and the necessary technical quality to undertake any work reducing its execution time. We head to where and when we are needed.

Ship transformations and refits

We are specialized in the repair and transformation of tuna vessels, ferries, Ro-Ro and trawlers, carrying out these activities afloat or at the docks.

Throughout its more than 40 years of history Vicalsa has carried out repairs of medium or large importance in the following ships:

International Assistence

Our logistic ability to move workers and materials allows us to perform repairs anywhere in the world, including remote areas (Madagascar, Seychelles, Senegal, Ecuador, Peru, etc.)